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New laws coming for young drivers in 2014

GLS Road Safety Facts


GLS licence changes, saves lives

If passenger and night-time restrictions were in place since 2008 this could have prevented:

Image that contains statistics on posible lives saved

P1 rule changes will save lives

passenger restriction graphicnight-time driving draphic
A passenger restrictions for P1 drivers allowing
no more than one passenger aged 16 to 20
years (immediate family members are exempt).
A night-time driver restriction for P1 drivers between midnight and 5am (with an exemption system).

The passenger and night-time driving restrictions will only apply to P1 drivers. They will not apply to P2 drivers.

The first 12 months of holding a provisional licence are the most dangerous for young drivers

Research shows that crashers are the most likely to occur during the first 12 months of holding a provisional licence when a driver is least experienced and driving unsupervised.

Graph depicting rate of crashers to length of time driving

Comapre South Australian drivers to national

Saving young South Australian lives

Young people aged 16-19 are dying on South Australian roads at a greater rate than in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. Many of the other states have passenger and night-time driving restrictions.

Two and half times more likely for injury, grpahic

Young drivers and riders aged 16-24 in rural South Australia are 2 ½ times more likely to die or be serioiusly injured in a crash than those who live in the metro area.

Source: Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure analysis of South Australia crash data between 2008-2012

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