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Safe driving tips

National Road Safety Week

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport is proud to support National Road Safety Week between 15 and 22 November.

National Road Safety Week is an annual week dedicated to road trauma and ways to prevent it.

National Road Safety Week has been running since 2013, and is in its eighth year. It is an initiative of Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH), also known as the Sarah Group. It was established by Peter Frazer after his 23-year-old daughter Sarah was killed in a preventable road crash.

Traffic injury is the biggest killer of Australian children under 15, and the second biggest killer of all Australian aged 15 to 24.

Every year more than 44,000 people are seriously injured and more than 1,200 people lose their life on Australian roads.

South Australians have made substantial gains in reducing lives lost and serious injuries on our roads since the early 1970’s, when more than 300 people were killed and 3,500 were seriously injured each year.

In 2019, 114 people lost their lives and another 833 were seriously injured in road crashes in South Australia.

This reduction has been achieved despite an increase in the number of people and vehicles using our roads.

Despite these gains, road trauma remains a significant problem. The social impacts are devastating to those affected, and the annual cost to the Australian economy has been estimated to be at least $27 billion.

As a road user, you can lead the way and help make our roads safer.

Show your support

  • Drive so others survive. Take the pledge to drive safely.
  • Discuss driving safely with your family and friends.
  • Promote your support for National Road Safety Week on social media using #nrsw or #drivesos

Whether you are travelling from work, visiting friends, picking up the kids or heading off on holiday, you can help make our roads safer by driving so others survive.

Driving safely means:

  • Moving over and slowing down when you see red and blue lights when passing emergency services, and taking care when passing roadside assist and roadside workers
  • Protecting every life along the road including children, seniors and people with disability
  • Sharing the road and giving space to cyclists and motorcyclists
  • Removing distractions and never using a mobile phone when behind the wheel
  • Not putting others are risk by speeding, driving while tired or under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Always wearing a seat belt and correctly restraining children
  • Driving so that you and others survive

Refresh your road rules knowledge or learn more about driving safely before heading out on the road.

Learn more about South Australia’s Road Safety Strategy.

Daily themes

National Road Safety Week will focus on a different areas of road safety throughout the week:

  • Sunday 15 November: Remember the 1200 – At 12pm, pause to remember the 1200 people who die each year in road crashes
  • Monday 16 November: Take the pledge, lead the way – take the online pledge to drive so that you and other survive
  • Tuesday 17 NovemberSafe driving to work – support your employees to drive so others survive
  • Thursday 19 November: Protecting every life – drive to protect our vulnerable road users such as pedestrian, children, seniors and people with a disability
  • Friday 20 NovemberShine a light – regional road users are twice as likely to lose their life or be seriously injured on the roads as those in the metropolitan area, turn on your headlights to show your support for their safety
  • Saturday 21 NovemberCyclist and motorcyclists – share the roads to actively protect our cyclists and motorcyclists by giving them the space they need to be safe
  • Sunday 22 NovemberArrive home safe for your loved ones – the greatest gift you can give your loved one is to arrive home safe

National Road Safety Week is an annual initiative of the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group, partnering road safety organisations and Government.


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