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Parents and supervisors

Solo driving

Rehearsing solo driving is about preparing for independent driving. You will still be supervising your learner, but now you're more of a passenger. Most of the responsibility and decision making belongs with your learner.

  • Move slowly into this stage. There's still more practice and learning to do.
  • Gradually reduce the amount of advice you offer.
  • Provided that driving conditions aren't too challenging, offer to let your learner drive if you need to go somewhere by car.
  • Keep reinforcing the message that developing skills takes a lot of time and practice. It helps to keep overconfidence under control.
Your changing role
Your learner should be rehearsing being a solo driver, while they have the benefits of your support and your extra set of eyes.
You'll still offer advice from time to time and point out potential hazards, but you should start feeling more like a passenger

Videos worth watching with your learner

City driving
Driving at dusk
Country driving
Practising the Hazard Perception Test

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