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My motorcycle licence

R class

After riding on a restricted R-Date licence for 2 years, you may commence riding unrestricted R class motorcycles and motor trikes.

You do not need to apply to have the class of licence upgraded to an R class. Once the eligibility date on your R-Date class licence has lapsed, you can ride a motorcycle or motor trike of any power to weight ratio.

Your licence class will automatically update to a class R upon your next licence renewal.  Alternatively you can apply to have the class upgraded from a class R-Date to R once the eligibility date has lapsed, however you will need to pay a fee for a replacement licence. Contact Service SA on 13 10 84 to upgrade the class of your licence.

If you are the holder of an R-Date provisional licence, you can commence riding any motorcycle or motor trike once the eligibility period has lapsed but remember you still remain on provisional licence conditions until you are granted a full driver’s licence.

Remember, you must not use any type of mobile phone function if you hold a P1 provisional licence endorsed R-Date or R.

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