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My motorcycle licence

Moped riders

The holder of any class of South Australian driver's licence can ride a moped as long as the moped is registered, insured and compliant with Australian design rules.

The holder of a South Australian learner's permit cannot ride a moped unless the permit is endorsed with "R-Date".

What is a moped?

A moped is defined as a two- or three-wheeled motor vehicle (other than a power-assisted bicycle) that:

  • is propelled by an internal combustion engine with a capacity not exceeding 50 millilitres; or a motor other than an internal combustion engine, and
  • is capable of a speed not exceeding 50 km/h.

Moped / scooter safety

Moped/scooter riders, like all motorcyclists, are vulnerable on the road. If you get into trouble, there's not much between you and the bitumen.

Forget any ideas of buzzing around dressed in a T-shirt and shorts (or a little black dress and heels). Unless you want to risk some ugly injuries, you need to take the style pressure down and wear boots, gloves, a full faced Australian or European Standard approved helmet and sturdy, long-sleeved pants and jacket.

Scooters are not necessarily more stable than motorbikes. They have small wheels, which makes them vulnerable to changes in the road surface including water, oil, loose gravel and holes.

Like motorcycles, scooters are difficult for other drivers to see. So you've got to be extra careful, especially at intersections, and position yourself on the road so you're visible to other drivers.

Voluntary training course

If you ride a moped and don’t have a motorcycle licence, you are able to complete a voluntary Rider Safe training course that teaches defensive riding skills and enables you to practise these skills under the guidance of a motorcycle riding instructor.

The course is voluntary and there is no pass or fail component. You will learn about safe braking and cornering techniques, hazard perception, protective clothing and vehicle technology such as Anti-lock Braking Systems. The training runs for half a day at a cost of $116.

Please note that if you are not licensed to ride a motorcycle and wish to complete the course on your moped, you will be required to bring your own to the course.

You can undertake the course at the St Agnes and Murray Bridge motorcycle training centres with country courses at Millicent, Barmera, Port Pirie and Whyalla operating subject to demand.

The course is voluntary and costs $116.

For more information and bookings call Rider Safe on 1800 018 300.

Even experienced riders can benefit from this training course. Ask a few mates to do the course together - it could help save your life.

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