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What is myLs?

myLs is an online interactive learning and assessment course that you can take to get your learner's permit in South Australia.

Designed to improve learner driver education, the myLs course focuses on road rules, road safety, and driver attitudes and behaviours, giving new drivers the best possible start before they get behind the wheel.

Assessment is embedded throughout the course in the form of quizzes, activities, and challenges. As you progress through the course, you’ll be taught all you need to know in preparation for the learner theory test.

The course should take around four hours to complete. Each topic displays an estimated completion time.  It’s important to take your time to thoroughly understand the road rules and concepts included in the course.

The learner theory test is the final stage of the myLs course and will take about 30 minutes to complete.

You have 12 months from the date you enrol in myLs to complete the course and learner theory test.  Unlike the learner theory test conducted at Service SA Centres, the learner theory test in myLs can be attempted as many times as you need to pass at no additional cost.

How to access myLs?

You need to be at least 15 years and 9 months to access myLs.

To get started you must attend a Service SA Centre to:

  • Have your identity established
  • Have your photograph taken
  • Have a mySAGOV account created (you will need a valid email address that is not a school or shared account)
  • Enrol in myLs (pay fee)

Be sure to bring evidence of identity that verifies your full name, date of birth, signature and residential address.

If you’ve established your identity with us before and we’ve already captured your photograph all you need to do is get set up with a mySAGOV Account and Enrol in myLs.

Once signed up you can launch myLs from your mySAGOV Account and you're then set to start your myLs journey.

myLs is available 24/7 and is compatible with all major desktop, tablet and mobile devices that have access to the internet.  It will require about 1.5GB of data to complete, however data usage may be higher depending on your connection speed. It's recommended you use a Wi-Fi or wired connection where available, particularly during the learner theory test.

What happens after I pass?

After you pass the learner theory test, you'll be re-directed to your mySAGOV account and if you're 16 years of age or older, you can apply for your learner's permit online.

Once you’ve completed the online application and paid the fee, you’ll be issued a learners permit for a car for 2 years.  You can print a temporary permit and can also access your digital photo learner’s permit immediately through the mySAGOV mobile app. Both digital and temporary permits are recognised to allow commencement of driving as a learner driver. Your photo card learner’s permit will be posted to you within the next fortnight.

Heads up!
The learner theory test is permanently locked after you pass, but you can still access all  remaining course content, including quizzes, activities and challenges, until your 12-month subscription expires.

Already have a licence or learner's permit?

If you already have a current learner's permit or driver's licence in Australia, you don't need to do myLs. However, you can still choose to undertake myLs as a refresher course on the South Australian Road Rules.

Visit the myLs Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Watch myLs demo video.

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