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My motorcycle licence

Returning to riding

Returning to Riding

If you are getting back on the bike after a lengthy break, you may be surprised at how much has changed.

New bikes accelerate quicker and are equipped with a range of new technologies that weren’t available in the past.

Chances are your helmet and riding gear will need to be updated – along with your riding skills.

Whether you are an experienced rider, or you haven’t ridden for a while, you could benefit from updating the knowledge and skills that could help protect your life.

Heads up!

Motorcyclists may be at greatest risk of being involved in a crash when they resume riding after an extended period of not riding.

Buying a bike

Performance has improved incredibly. Developments like ABS and integrated brakes are worth considering. Do your homework so you know what you are looking at - all the bike manufacturers have websites with lots of information.

The right gear

If you've ridden before, resist the urge to just dust off your old gear and get on the bike. Chances are your helmet, for starters, may not be as safe as those on the market today. The same will no doubt go for the rest of your riding gear. As with bikes, times have changed and so has the technology of protective gear - new materials and features offer improved safety, visibility and comfort.

Rider Safe Returning Rider Course

The Rider Safe Returning Rider Course is a tailored refresher program for motorcycle riders; and moped riders who don't have a motorcycle licence.

These courses teach defensive riding skills and enables riders to practise these skills under the guidance of a motorcycle riding instructor.

The course covers issues such as safe braking and cornering techniques, hazard perception, protective clothing and vehicle technology such as Anti-lock Braking Systems.

The course is conducted over half a day at the department’s St Agnes and Murray Bridge Rider Safe motorcycle training centres with country courses at Millicent, Barmera, Port Pirie and Whyalla operating subject to demand.

The course is voluntary and costs $116.

For more information and bookings call Rider Safe on 1800 018 300.

Heads up!

Even experienced riders can benefit from the Rider Safe Returning Rider Course. Ask a few mates to do the course together - It could help protect your life.

More information

Read more safety tips for motorcyclists in The Rider’s Handbook.

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