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The Rider's Handbook

Registration and Number Plates


Your motorcycle must be registered.

There are severe penalties for riding an unregistered motorcycle. In addition, compulsory third party insurance is not valid when a motorcycle is unregistered, which means the rider could be held personally liable for financial compensation to any person injured as a result of a crash.

Number plates

The number plates on the motorcycle you ride or own must be:

  • issued by the department
  • in alignment with the registration papers
  • displayed on the rear of the motorcycle
  • clearly visible from a distance of 18 metres
  • clearly readable - not dirty, worn or damaged
  • mounted so that the bottom edge of the plate is at least 300mm above ground level.

The rear number plate must have a light so that it is clearly visible at night.

It is an offence to:

  • obscure any part of your number plate
  • alter a number plate in any way
  • attach a number plate to any vehicle other than the one to which it is registered
  • use a number plate cover that prevents the plate being visible or photographed at any angle.
Don't obscure any part of your number plate as heavy penalties apply.
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