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The Rider's Handbook

Ride to Survive

Ride to Survive

Motorcyclists have a higher risk of death or serious injury than all other road users, mainly because they are much less protected than other vehicle drivers.

Motorcyclists involved in crashes tend to sustain multiple injuries to the head, chest and legs, either from direct contact with solid objects or as a result of crash forces.

Motorcyclists have four disadvantages that affect their safety compared to other vehicle drivers:

vulnerability – motorcycles offer minimal protection

instability – two-wheeled motorcycles are less stable than four-wheeled vehicles and more susceptible to slippery road conditions

low visibility – motorcycles are less likely to be seen by other road users because of their relatively small size and low threat in the traffic environment

risk-taking behaviour – motorcyclists who speed, ride aggressively and fail to obey road rules increase their crash risk.

This handbook describes the various skills needed for safe motorcycle riding. It provides details about good riding technique, which will enable you to stay alert, ride defensively and cope with hazards. It also includes the key road rules for riders.

You are responsible for your own safety on the road. It is up to you to practise, maintain and further develop your safe riding skills. You also need to wear appropriate protective gear and know your own and your motorcycle’s capabilities and limitations.

Enjoy your riding, but above all ride to survive.

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