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The Driver's Handbook

What to do as a Seller

What to do as a Seller

When you sell a registered motor vehicle you are required to complete the Disposal Notice on the reverse side of the registration certificate. The Disposal Notice should also be signed by the buyer.

The Disposal Notice must be lodged within 14 days at a Customer Service Centre or you can notify of disposal in writing at Service SA, GPO Box 1533, Adelaide SA 5001. This is now a legal requirement. It will provide some protection in the event the vehicle is used to commit an offence, for example red light, speed camera or parking violation.

You need to sign and provide the Application for Transfer of Registration on the reverse side of the Registration Details Certificate to the new owner.

If you do not have a Registration Details Certificate for the vehicle, you can obtain a replacement online if you are an EzyReg Account Holder, or alternatively you may purchase one at a Service SA Customer Service Centre.


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