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The Driving Companion

Training and assessment

Task forms

Each page contains the task title, the learning outcomes for the task, the assessment standards and the task content or requirements that you must achieve to be successful. Each right-hand side of the page contains all the training and assessment records, which will be completed by your instructor as your training progresses or at the end of each training session.

CBT&A motor driving instructor

An CBT&A motor driving instructor will conduct the training of all tasks laid down in the CBT&A course.

Where a task requirement cannot be reasonably accessed within a 40 kilometre road distance from the town limit where the CBT&A course is being conducted or 25 minutes of normal driving (whichever is the shorter), the instructor will explain the item but will not be required to assess the learner driver in order to sign off the task.

The instructor will note on the assessment page of the particular task that the task was not assessed.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have been trained previously your instructor will ascertain whether you have reached the standard required. In this type of assessment you may not be asked to perform tasks more than once.

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