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Rules of Braking (Using the brakes safely and effectively)

Always comply with the following rules when using the brakes:

1. Brake early and gently where possible (reduces rear end collisions).

2. Brake firmly only when travelling in a straight line (for control).

3. Vary the braking effort according to the condition of the road surface.

4. When going down a long winding hill, apply firm braking on the straight sections of road and brake as lightly as possible in the bends. Select a lower gear at the start of the descent to prevent the speed from building up and over-heating the brakes (especially when towing a trailer).

System of Car Control

When using the brakes, the System of Car Control should also be applied (eg. check what is approaching from behind before applying the brakes especially when you being 'tailgated'). When approaching danger, check your centre mirror and place your right foot over the brake pedal ready to apply the brake (called 'covering the brake'). Lightly pressing the brake pedal will also display the brake lights.


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