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Conditions applying to the VORT

You must comply with the following conditions when undertaking a VORT:

  • You must comply with all Learner's Permit conditions.
  • You must present your current permit to the VORT motor driving instructor at the beginning of the test. If the permit does not have a photograph, additional identification such as a passport or other acceptable documentation must be produced.
  • You must be punctual or you may forfeit your test.
  • You must allow an Authorised Person (a government employee who has clearly identified himself/herself) to observe, from within the test vehicle if requested. The Authorised Person will ask the Instructor to show your Learner's Permit.
  • You will not be allowed to carry passengers (or animals) during a VORT. (The Authorised Examiner and any Authorised Persons are exempt.)
  • You must wear appropriate footwear - no thongs, bare feet, clogs (shoes with soles thicker than 3cm) or shoes without heel support.


(a) The VORT practical test cannot be started earlier than 5 minutes before or later than 15 minutes after the appointed time.

(b) An interpreter is not permitted to ride within the vehicle during a VORT. Prior to the beginning of the test and with assistance of the interpreter, the Instructor should explain the meaning of any hand signals to be used during the test. At the end of the test, the Instructor may explain the test result to the driver with assistance from the interpreter.

(c) If you do not accept the above conditions, an Accreditation Auditor must conduct the VORT.

(d) Learner's Permit conditions still apply until the appropriate licence is obtained from a Service SA Centre even though the test has been passed and a Certificate of Competency has been issued.

(e) The test is an overview of your knowledge and driving skills. The VORT motor driving instructor's role is to observe and record - they may only give directions and parameters as required. The ability to drive and perform manoeuvres is your own responsibility.

(f) If you are using your own vehicle you must provide evidence that your vehicle is registered.

The registration expiry date can be checked:

  • by telephoning 13 10 84 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday
  • by going to; or
  • by using an EzyReg smartphone app.

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