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The Driving Companion

Government responsibilities in monitoring the licensing process

Government Authorised Persons regularly monitor the standard of training and assessment being applied by Authorised Examiners. An Authorised Person may observe any driving test, VORT or CBT&A, or CBT&A training session, from within the vehicle.

The Authorised Person will identify themselves at the beginning of any monitored session and will not intervene or influence any result stated by your Authorised Examiner. The Authorised Person will be looking at how your Authorised Examiner conducts the training or assessment and will not take any part of your test.

An Authorised Person may request to look at your Learner's Permit and your Driving Companion.

Government Authorised Persons may also further validate the driving skills of any person not subject to the Graduated Licence Scheme. This usually involves applicants from countries which do not have sufficiently robust licensing systems to ensure that drivers are safe and competent.

In these cases applicants may, after completing a VORT with an Authorised Examiner, be identified to present for an additional assessment with a Government Authorised Person.

Please note: The Authorised Person will be wearing a camera and recording audio and vision of the training, assessment or validation, they may also place cameras in the vehicle and record the entire session. Using cameras removes any doubt about what occurred during the session being monitored, in effect acting as an independent record of events. Recording with cameras by Authorised Persons is permitted by legislation and it is an offence under the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 section 139D for anybody to release any recorded footage of training, assessment or validation except in the circumstances identified in the Act.


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