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The Driving Companion

Obtaining your Provisional Driver's Licence (P1 & P2)

When you have successfully completed your CBT&A course or a VORT, your instructor will issue a Certificate of Competency to you. After passing the Hazard Perception Test present the Certificate of Competency together with your Learner's Permit and your Log Book forms, declaration and, if you chose the CBT&A option, the task pages to a Service SA Centre and pay a fee for the P1 Provisional Driver's Licence.

Take care of your Certificate of Competency. If you require a replacement because your certificate has been lost or defaced, a fee will apply.

You will have your photograph taken for the licence and a temporary P1 Provisional Driver's Licence will be issued for a period of up to one month. You will receive your Licence in the mail so make sure that you have provided your correct address.

Your photograph will be retained by the department as part of the confirmation of identity process. It will be used whenever you apply to renew or replace your driver's licence as protection against licence fraud.

Refer to the Graduated Licensing Section for information on how to progress from P1 to your full licence.


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