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Learner's Permit conditions and laws

Learner's Permit conditions

Learner's Permits are issued subject to conditions.  If you breach a condition you will lose your learner's permit and be disqualified from driving.  This is in addition to any other penalty.  The conditions are:

  • You must not drive a motor vehicle or attempt to put a motor vehicle in motion when there is any concentration of alcohol in your blood or the presence of THC (the active component in cannabis), Methylamphetamine (also known as speed, ice or crystal meth) or MDMA (ecstasy) in your blood or oral fluid
  • If you commit a speeding offence, you will also commit a breach of your learner's permit conditions if you exceed the speed limit by 10 km/h or more
  • You must drive with a Qualified Supervising Driver in the seat next to the driver.
  • When riding a motorcycle you must not carry a passenger on the motorcycle, or in a sidecar attached to the motorcycle unless that person is a qualified supervising driver.
  • you must not accumulate four or more demerit points during the learner's permit period.

The following laws also apply to the holder of a learner's permit.  If you breach any of these laws you may incur penalties such as fines, demerit points or loss of licence.

  • you must only drive the class of motor vehicle stated on your licence
  • you must display the correct sized L plates so that they are clearly visible from the front and rear of the vehicle (rear only for a motorcycle).
  • you must carry your current Learner's Permit at all times whilst driving.
  • you must not drive over 100 km/h even if the local speed limit exceeds 100 km/h
  • you must not use any function of a mobile phone, including hands free mode, Bluetooth technology and loud speaker operation
  • holders of a motorcycle learner's permit who are under the age of 25 and do not hold a P2 or full licence of another class of vehicle must not ride between midnight and 5am unless a qualified supervising driver is present as a passenger on the bike or in a sidecar attached to the bike (exemptions apply)
  • holders of a motorcycle learner's permit must not lane filter.

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