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The Driving Companion

Choosing this option (CBT&A) has the following advantages

  • Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) is a progressive assessment system. You are assessed as each task is completed.
  • The training is designed to cover all aspects of good driving behaviour and the development of good driving attitudes.
  • The training allows you to learn at your own pace without a 'test' deadline.
  • There is no 'pass' or 'fail' when each task is assessed. If you are unsuccessful in any assessment of a task, the Authorised Examiner can re-train you and then re-assess your performance again in that task within the same or a later driving lesson.
  • This CBT&A course will provide you with efficient, structured training in a wide variety of driving experiences including country driving.
  • Drivers graduating from this program will be able to demonstrate the confidence and competency needed for today's road and traffic conditions.
  • Entries by your Authorised Examiner in the task forms will provide you with accurate information on your progress in the CBT&A course. The records completed by your Authorised Examiner will also give valuable help and guidance when you are practising with your Qualified Supervising Driver(s). Practice using the information in the task forms to reduce the cost of your training.

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