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The Driving Companion

Option 2: Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBT&A) course

This option allows you to undertake training with an a CBT&A Authorised Examiner. The Authorised Examiner will conduct your training in accordance with the Competency Based Training course in the Driving Companion.

As you successfully complete each task in the CBT&A course, your achievement will be recorded on your task forms by your Authorised Examiner.

Successful performance in all 30 tasks will result in the training course being completed and a Certificate of Competency issued. The Certificate of Competency will allow you to obtain your Provisional Licence provided you have completed the 75 hours of supervised driving and passed the Hazard Perception Test.


  1. A Motor Driving Instructor cannot assess and sign-off tasks as complete, only an Authorised Examiner can do so.
  2. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) refers to training delivered by a third party. All CBT&A assessments must still be undertaken but if you have the skills and knowledge it skips the need for the current Authorised Examiner to provide training before assessments occur. At any time during the CBT&A course you may select Option 1 and take a VORT.
  3. You may change Authorised Examiners at any time during the CBT&A course. The new Authorised Examiner will be required to check that you can perform all of the Tasks assessed and signed off by your previous Authorised Examiner. This process is called Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC).
  4. The Driving Companion remains your property and must be presented to the Authorised Examiner at the beginning of each training session and returned to you at the conclusion. An Authorised Person, may ask to inspect your Driving Companion at the beginning or end of any training session.

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