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Choosing a Qualified Supervising Driver

A Qualified Supervising Driver must:

  • have an unconditional licence authorising the person to drive a Class C vehicle (or an equivalent foreign licence as approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles)
  • have held an unconditional/full licence for the last 2 years without disqualification
  • not hold a provisional or probationary licence or be subject to the condition of "good behaviour"
  • not have a blood alcohol reading of 0.05 or more, or the presence of THC (The active component in Cannabis), Methylamphetamine (also known as ice, crystal meth and speed) or MDMA (Ecstasy) in their blood or oral fluid.

When you are learning to drive, the Qualified Supervising Driver accompanying you is required to:

  • instruct you in the safe and efficient operation of the motor vehicle
  • instruct you in the correct application of the South Australian road rules
  • be seated immediately alongside you at all times while you are driving
    This also applies to parking practice (even in car parks)
  • ensure that the motor vehicle is registered and roadworthy
  • comply with the licensing requirements (highlighted above)

You should also ensure that they have the following characteristics:

  • patience and a calm approach to your learning
  • the ability to guide you effectively in your practice.

Being a Qualified Supervising Driver is an important role and this person may face penalties for providing fraudulent information in your Log Book.

If your Qualified Supervising Driver is later found to not have met the requirements to perform this role:

  • all of the log book entries relating to this person will be invalid and not count towards your 15 and 75 hour requirements;
  • if consequently you do not have enough hours, your licence will be declared void (be cancelled);
  • you will be required to surrender your licence;
  • you will need to apply for the reissue of a Learner's Permit.

Note - A Qualified Supervising Driver with a Foreign Licence must:

  • have a licence that is issued by a country recognised by South Australia;
  • have held the licence for 2 or more years;
  • have a licence that is:
    • an unconditional, full licence to drive a class C vehicle;
    • current;
    • written in English or have an English translation;
  • be carried by the Qualified Supervising Driver.


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