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The Driving Companion

Units 3-4: Task 30 - Review of road skills and traffic management

Learning Outcome

The learner will competently demonstrate a safe, efficient drive in medium to heavy traffic where practicable, of not less than 25 minutes duration without assistance while complying with all road laws, the 'System of Car Control', Rules of Braking, Steering and Observation.

Assessment Standard

The learner will demonstrate compliance with road craft concepts at least 80% of the time (see pages 14-21) and compliance with the law during the assessment without assistance


  1. Comply with all road laws;
  2. Comply with the 'System of Car Control' to left and right turns, traffic lights, stopping, lane changes and other potential traffic hazards;
  3. Comply with the Rules of Braking, Steering and Observation; and
  4. Demonstrate appropriate forward planning, correct and timely road positioning, and safe driving strategies.
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