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The Driving Companion

Unit 3: Task 20 - Negotiating traffic lights

Learning Outcome

  1. The learner will safely negotiate traffic lights (without arrows) by turning right, left and proceeding straight ahead while complying with all laws and 'System of Car Control'; and
  2. The learner will safely demonstrate turning left at slip lanes.

Assessment Standard

The learner will demonstrate compliance with road craft concepts at least 80% of the time (see pages 14-21) and compliance with the law during the assessment without assistance


Turning left and right at traffic lights (without arrows)
  1. Comply with the law for traffic light signals, associated stop lines, turning lines and arrows;
  2. Enter and correctly position vehicle lawfully within the intersection when stopping to give way to opposing traffic;
  3. When turning right, keep the front wheels straight (where practicable) while waiting to give way to on-coming traffic; and
  4. Comply with Tasks 17 and 18 requirements when turning.
Following a straight course through traffic lights
  1. Comply with the law for traffic light signals, associated stop lines;
  2. Comply with 'System of Car Control' approaching lights; and
  3. Apply correct stopping procedure (Task 4) when required.
Turning left through a slip lane
  1. Comply with all 'Give Way', signalling and road law;
  2. Comply with turning left requirements for Tasks 17 and 18 including safe speed of approach to the turn; and
  3. Demonstrate appropriate and timely observation patterns, 'System of Car Control'.

Note - If intersections controlled by traffic lights are not reasonably accessible, Task 28A must be conducted instead of Task 20 and 28.


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