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The Driving Companion

Unit 4: Task 23 - Safe driving strategies

Learning Outcome

  1. The learner will competently maintain safe following distances, passing clearances and appropriate positioning of the vehicle for improved forward observation in medium to heavy traffic; and
  2. Demonstrate compliance with the 'System of Car Control' when approaching potential hazards in traffic.

Assessment Standard

The learner will demonstrate compliance with road craft concepts at least 80% of the time (see The Driving Section) and compliance with the law during the assessment without assistance


Safe positioning of the vehicle in traffic
  1. Keep at least 3 seconds time interval between the learner's vehicle and the vehicle in front, increasing this interval for adverse weather conditions or if being closely followed;
  2. Where safe and practicable keep at least 1.2 metre clearance when passing parked vehicles or other hazards;
  3. Allow a minimum safety margin of 1 metre when passing a cyclist where the speed limit if 60 km/h or less, and 1.5 metres where the speed limit is over 60 km/h;
  4. Adjust the vehicle's position by holding back if the vehicle in front obstructs the view ahead (Observation - Get the big picture);
  5. Maintain the vehicle's position in a line of traffic without obstructing following traffic where it is safe and legal to do so;
  6. Avoid unnecessary travel in blind spots of other vehicles (Observation - Leave yourself an OUT);
  7. Stop in a position behind other vehicles to allow sufficient space to turn away from the vehicle in front;
  8. Without obstructing the intersection stop in a line of traffic (road law); and
  9. Comply with all appropriate road rules.
'System of Car Control' as applied to traffic hazards
  1. Comply with the features of the  'System of Car Control' in the correct sequence when approaching hazards in traffic;
  2. Comply with 'System of Car Control' when approaching traffic lights (e.g. check mirror, cover the brake, etc.);
  3. Demonstrate 'System of Car Control' when passing stationary buses or other similar hazards; and
  4. Demonstrate 'System of Car Control' when giving way.

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