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The Driving Companion

Unit 4: Task 28A - Driving on unsealed roads


This task is a replacement task for locations where there is no reasonable access to traffic lights and replaces Tasks 20 and 28

Learning Outcome

The learner will be able to negotiate bends, crests and intersections safely and competently on unsealed roads using the 'System of Car Control', Rules of Braking, Steering and Observation while complying with the law.

Assessment Standard

The learner will demonstrate compliance with road craft concepts at least 80% of the time (see pages 14-21) and compliance with the law during the assessment without assistance


  1. Demonstrate compliance with all appropriate road laws (e.g. as near as practicable to the left, etc.);
  2. Maintain full control of the vehicle at all times (skidding or sliding at any time is considered to be loss of control );
  3. Demonstrate a safe speed of approach to bends, crests and intersections at all times;
  4. Demonstrate safe and correct entry lines into bends (for good view and being seen - Rules of Observation);
  5. Demonstrate safe and correct exit lines from bends (ensuring the vehicle leaves the bend on the correct side of the road - if any part of the vehicle strays onto the incorrect side of the road it is a road law fault - see step 1);
  6. Comply with the 'System of Car Control', Rules of Braking, Steering and Observation;
  7. Correctly adjust speed to that which is suitable to any change of road surface;
  8. Correctly adjust the following distance and use headlights as required when following another vehicle (I); and
  9. Correctly adjust the speed (minimum use of the accelerator) when passing another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction (to reduce the risk of possible windscreen damage).

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