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The Driving Companion

Unit 1: Task 3 - Move off from the kerb

Learning Outcome

The learner will be able to move off from the kerb in a safe and efficient manner with the vehicle under full control at the first attempt.

Assessment Standard

The learner will accurately perform this task without assistance.
The assessment will be a demonstration on at least two consecutive but separate occasions.


  1. If the handbrake is not on, correctly apply it;
  2. Check the mirror and signal right for at least 5 seconds prior to step 7 (when intending to move off to the right);
  3. Push clutch pedal down (manuals) / Right foot on footbrake (automatics) until step 5;
  4. Select first gear (manuals) / Selects 'Drive' (automatics);
  5. Apply appropriate power, (and for manuals) clutch to 'friction point';
  6. Check the mirror again and over the right shoulder (blind spot check) for traffic;
  7. If safe, release the handbrake and, (for manuals only) at the same time release the clutch slowly until it is fully engaged;
  8. Accelerate smoothly away from the kerb without stalling or rolling back, and cancel the signal; and
  9. Perform all steps 1 to 8 in sequence .
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