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The Driving Companion

Unit 1: Task 4 - Stopping and securing the vehicle

Learning Outcome

(a) The learner will bring the vehicle to a smooth and controlled stop at the left kerb from 50-60km/h with safety, without stalling and when requested; and
(b) The learner will correctly secure the vehicle to avoid rolling.

Assessment Standard

The learner will demonstrate compliance with road craft concepts at least 80% of the time (see The Driving Section) and compliance with the law during the assessment without assistance.


(a) Stopping the engine (including slowing)

  1. (a) Select appropriate stopping position (if intending to stop);
  2. (a) Check the mirror (and signal left if stopping at the left kerb);
  3. (a) Smoothly slow the vehicle (to just above engine idle speed) using the footbrake operated by the right foot;
  4. (a) (For manuals) push the clutch down just before reaching engine idle speed to prevent stalling while maintaining light pressure on the footbrake;
  5. (a) Bring vehicle to a smooth stop without jerking the vehicle; and
  6. (a) Perform all steps 1(a) to 5(a) in sequence.

(b) Securing the vehicle (to prevent rolling)

  1. (b) Check that the vehicle has stopped (as above) and correctly apply the handbrake to prevent rolling;
  2. (b) Select 'Neutral' (manuals) or 'Park' (automatics);
  3. (b) Release the brake pedal and then (for manuals) release the clutch;
  4. (b) Perform all steps 1(b) to 3(b) in sequence; and
  5. (b) Cancel any signal after stopping.

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