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The Driving Companion

Unit 1: Task 4 - Stopping and securing the vehicle

Learning Outcome

  1. The learner will bring the vehicle to a smooth and controlled stop at the left kerb from 3-60km/h with safety, without stalling and when requested; and
  2. The learner will correctly secure the vehicle to avoid rolling.

Assessment Standard

The learner will accurately perform this task without assistance.

The assessment will be a demonstration  on at least two consecutive but separate occasions.


Stopping the engine (including slowing)
  1. Select appropriate stopping position;
  2. Check the mirror, then the left mirror (for bicycle riders etc) and signal left;
  3. Smoothly slow the vehicle (to just above engine idle speed) using the footbrake operated by the right foot;
  4. (For manuals) push the clutch down just before reaching engine idle speed to prevent stalling while maintaining light pressure on the footbrake;
  5. Bring vehicle to a smooth stop without jerking the vehicle; and
  6. Perform all steps 1 to 5 in sequence.
Securing the vehicle (to prevent rolling)
  1. Check that the vehicle has stopped (as above) and correctly apply the park brake to prevent rolling;
  2. Select 'Neutral' (manuals) or 'Park' (automatics);
  3. Release the brake pedal and then (for manuals) release the clutch;
  4. Perform all steps 1 to 3 in sequence; and
  5. Cancel any signal after stopping.

Task Records

  1. Stop the vehicle (including slowing)
  2. Secure the vehicle to prevent rolling (a prolonged stop)

Note: This procedure may change due to manufacturer's requirements.


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