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Unit 2: Task 12 - 90 degree angle park (front to kerb)

Learning Outcome

(a) The learner will be able to enter a 90 degree angle park (if available), front to the kerb, safely and competently while maintaining full control of the vehicle; and
(b) The learner will be able to turn the vehicle around safely and competently within the boundaries of a carriageway that is narrower than the turning circle of the vehicle while maintaining full control of the vehicle.

Assessment Standard

The learner will accurately perform parts (a) and (b) of this task together without assistance.
The assessment will be a demonstration on at least two consecutive but separate occasions.


(a) Entering a 90 degree angle park (front to kerb)

  1. (a) Select a suitable parking bay, check the mirror, signal, and slow the vehicle to a safe and controllable speed;
  2. (a) Choose the appropriate gear for control (if required);
  3. (a) Check vehicle clearance (as applicable) on the inside of the turn (either mirror or shoulder check); and
  4. (a) Correctly position the vehicle, front to kerb, wholly within the bay while maintaining full control without touching the kerb and is:
    (i) Not more than 300 mm out of parallel with the lines;
    (ii) Not more than 300 mm from the kerb or end of parking bay; &
    (iii) Where practicable, central within the parking bay with the front wheels pointing straight ahead towards the kerb.

(b) Leaving a 90 degree angle park

  1. (b) Select reverse gear;
  2. (b) Constantly check behind, both sides and to the front before moving and during reversing;
  3. (b) Reverse slowly under full control of the vehicle and check for clearance of the front of the vehicle (where appropriate);
  4. (b) Reverse the vehicle only for such a distance as is necessary (Position 2 in diagram) and turn the steering wheel sufficiently to allow the vehicle to safely clear the parking bay alongside;
  5. (b) Move off in accordance with Task 3, steps (2) to (7) (signalling as appropriate) with safety and without rolling; and
  6. (b) Except for straightening the steering wheel, drive forward under full control in the intended direction of travel requiring less than one turn of the steering wheel in that direction.


Example of entering an angle park

Example of entering an angle park

When reversing out of the angled parking bay, the vehicle should not go beyond Position 2 in the diagram

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