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The Driving Companion

Unit 1: Task 7 - Steering (forward and reverse)

Learning Outcome

(a) The learner will be able to competently and accurately steer the vehicle on a straight course, and turn to the right and to the left through 90 degrees when travelling in a forward direction while maintaining full vehicle control; and
(b) The learner will be able to competently steer the vehicle on a straight course, and turn to the left through 90 degrees, when travelling in reverse.

Assessment Standard

The learner will accurately perform parts (a) and (b) of this task without assistance.
The assessment will be a demonstration on at least two consecutive but separate occasions.


(a) Steering in a forward direction

  1. (a) Maintain a straight course of at least 100 metres between turns with the hands placed in approximately the "10 to 2" clock position on the steering wheel with a light grip pressure;
  2. (a) Demonstrate turning to the left and right through 90 degrees using either the "Pull-Push" or "Hand over Hand" method of steering while maintaining full vehicle control without over-steering;and
  3. (a) Look in the direction where the driver is intending to go when turning (First Rule of Observation - Aim high in steering).

(b) Steering in reverse

  1. (b) Reverse the vehicle in a straight line for a minimum of 20 metres with a deviation not exceeding 1 metre, followed by step 2(b);
  2. (b) Reverse the vehicle through an angle of 90 degrees to the left followed by reversing in a straight line for 5 metres; and
  3. (b) Look in the appropriate directions and to the rear while reversing.

*NOTE: The exercise is to reverse through 90 degrees and then recover to a straight position. It is a steering control exercise and NOT a 'Reversing Around a Corner' manoeuvre although a quiet corner may be used.

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