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The Driving Companion

Unit 1: Task 8 - Review all basic driving procedures (T1 - T7)

Learning Outcome

The learner will competently demonstrate each of the learning outcomes from Tasks 1 to 7.

Assessment Standard

The learner will perform one complete example of each of the learning outcomes for Tasks 1 to 7 without assistance. Any learning outcome that does not meet the standard for the task must be retrained and re-assessed in accordance with the assessment method and standard for that original task.


  1. Demonstrate Task 1 - cabin drill and controls
  2. Demonstrate Task 2 - starting up and shutting down the engine
  3. Demonstrate Task 3 - moving off from the kerb
  4. Demonstrate Task 4 - stopping and securing the vehicle
  5. Demonstrate Task 5 - stop and go (using the park brake)
  6. Demonstrate Task 6 - gear changing (up and down)
  7. Demonstrate Task 7 - control of the steering (forward and reverse)

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