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The Driving Companion

Unit 2: Task 9 - Moving off uphill

Learning Outcome

(a) The learner will be able to smoothly stop and secure the vehicle on any hill; and
(b) The learner will be able to move off competently and safely on any hill while in full control of the vehicle without stalling or rolling backwards.

Assessment Standard

The learner will accurately perform parts (a) and (b) of this task together without assistance.
The assessment will be a demonstration on at least two consecutive but separate occasions.


(a) Stopping and securing the vehicle on a hill

  1. (a) Select a suitable safe and legal place on the hill to stop;
  2. (a) Bring the vehicle to a stop in accordance with the procedure stated in Task 4, steps 1(a) to 6(a);
  3. (a) Secure the vehicle in accordance with the procedure stated in Task 4, steps 1(b) to 5(b);
  4. (a) If leaving the vehicle, shut down the engine (in accordance with Task 2, steps 1(b) to 9(b) and select first gear (uphill), or reverse gear (downhill) for manuals, or 'Park' for automatics.

(b) Moving off uphill

  1. (b) Check that the handbrake is correctly applied;
  2. (b) Check the mirror for a safe gap in the traffic and signal right for at least 5 seconds prior to step 7(b) (where intending to move off to the right);
  3. (b) Apply footbrake (automatics), or clutch pedal down (manual);
  4. (b) Select 'Drive' (automatics), or first gear (manual);
  5. (b) Apply sufficient power to prevent rolling backwards and/or stalling, while (for manuals) at the same time, bring the clutch to 'friction point' absorbing about half of the engine noise.
  6. (b) Check the mirror again and over the right shoulder for traffic (from driveways, roads opposite or U-turning traffic);
  7. (b) Release handbrake smoothly and apply appropriate power (in manuals) gently release the clutch until fully engaged;
  8. (b) Safely and smoothly accelerate away on the first attempt without stalling or rolling back, and then cancel the signal; and
  9. (b) Perform the task in sequence from 1(b) to 8(b) while maintaining full control of the vehicle.

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