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The Driving Companion

Unit 2: Task 10 - The simple U-turn

Learning Outcome

(a) The learner will be able to select a suitable and safe location to perform the simple U-turn (kerb to kerb); and
(b) The learner will be able to turn the vehicle around competently and safely within the confines of the carriageway of a road without the need for reversing while maintaining full control of the vehicle.

Assessment Standard

The learner will accurately perform parts (a) and (b) of this task together without assistance.
The assessment will be a demonstration on at least two consecutive but separate occasions.


(a) Selecting a location for the simple U-turn

  1. (a) Select a location where the U-turn is lawfully permitted, can be completed without reversing and is not in a 'No Standing' area or opposite parked vehicles;
  2. (a) Select a location where there is sufficient visibility in all directions to enable the U-turn to be done safely; and
  3. (a) Stop at the kerb in accordance with Task 4, steps 1(a) to 6(a).

(b) The simple 'U' Turn

  1. (b) Comply with the Give Way rules (for U-turn) by giving way to all other traffic using the road during this manoeuvre;
  2. (b) Comply with the 'moving off from the kerb' procedure where practicable as stated in Task 3, steps 1 to 7;
  3. (b) Move the vehicle slowly forward while turning the steering wheel quickly to the right until on full steering lock (if required);
  4. (b) Just before the vehicle points in the opposite direction, start to straighten the steering wheel while looking well down the road in the direction of travel (Aim high in steering); and
  5. (b) When safe, accelerate smoothly away without over-steering (avoiding a 'Question Mark' turn) while maintaining full control of the vehicle.
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